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Koch Membrane has made a splendid appearance

2018-09-23 Classify:技术支持

Koch Membrane Systems Inc is an American company registered in Kansas, USA. Focus on R O reverse osmosis membrane, NF nanofiltration membrane, UF hollow ultrafiltration membrane, rolled ultrafiltration membrane, microfiltration membrane and other membrane products with registered trademarks of "KOCH" and "科氏". With decades of experience in the manufacture and application of filter membranes, it has truly become a brand with the most perfect product chain in the field of membrane separation. It is one of the largest suppliers of filter membranes. Membrane products and systems with various filtration accuracy, such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis, can be provided. Membrane structure includes three types: hollow fiber type, coiled type and tubular type。

Koch Membrane Systems Inc attaches great importance to the Asia-Pacific water treatment market, especially the fast-growing Chinese market of water treatment business. In 2014, Koch Membrane (Beijing) Film Technology Co., Ltd. was established in China, which is responsible for all business in China.

Koch brought the latest generation of household and commercial membrane products at the 2018 Beijing International Water Fair. It includes many new high-tech products: non-pump membrane series, high desalination membrane series, high flux membrane series, 1:1 high recovery membrane series and so on.

Traditional superior membrane products such as ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane, high desalination bitter water reverse osmosis membrane, anti-pollution reverse osmosis membrane, seawater desalination membrane, water purification ultrafiltration membrane, material separation membrane, electrophoretic paint ultrafiltration membrane, strong acid-alkali resistance membrane, organic solvent resistance membrane and so on all met with engineering companies and end users in this exhibition.