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The registered trademarks of Koch (Beijing) Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. are "KOCH" and "科氏", focusing on the R&D of RO reverse osmosis membrane, NF nanofiltration membrane, UF hollow ultrafiltration membrane, rolled ultrafiltration membrane, microfiltration membrane, material separation membrane, acid and alkali resistant membrane, organic solvent resistant membrane and other membrane products. Membrane products and systems with various filtration accuracy, such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis, can be provided. Membrane structure includes three types: hollow fiber type, coiled type and tubular type.

Koch membrane can be widely used in wastewater, industry, civil, drinking water treatment, medicine, biochemical technology, food, dairy products, beverages, electrophoretic coating and other industries.

Koch membrane products are widely used in the following areas:

Industrial/Civil/Drinking Water-Municipal Water; Pigment, Pesticide and Nitrate Removal; Brackish Water and Seawater Desalination; Wastewater Reuse Treatment; Boiler Supplementary Water of Power Plant; Beverage and Canned Production; USP Pharmaceutical Water; Chemical Production Water; Factory Circulating Water Treatment.

2. High concentration wastewater-treatment and reuse of industrial wastewater, such as food processing industry, printing and publishing industry, heavy metal industry, metal processing industry, chemical production, transportation industry, etc.  

3. Pharmaceutical/biochemical technology-concentration of enzymes and antibiotics, concentration of mycelia and proteins, treatment of cell lysates, cell culture media, extraction of blood products, production or extraction of vaccines, hormones, yeasts and vitamins, production of organic acids, heat removal sources for injection water, etc.

4. Electrophoretic coating-cathode/cathode electrophoretic coating in automobile manufacturing, household appliances and other industries, degreasing by alkali leaching, application of photoresist, reuse of phosphating solution, anode/cathode recycling system. Coriolis has a leading electrophoretic coating ultrafiltration system in the world and has a large market share.

5. Food and dairy products - sucrose clarification, glucose clarification, gelatin clarification and concentration, Egg Immunoglobulin concentration, starch recovery, hemoglobulin concentration, vinegar clarification, whey protein concentration, milk standardized production.

6. Beverages - clarification of apple juice, pear juice, pineapple juice, clarification of wine, recovery of grape wine grains, Debittering and clarification of orange juice, clarification of cranberry and grape juice, with a global market share of 85%.

7. latex, pigment, dyestuff and paper making - PVA recovery in textile industry, coating materials in recycling process, clay concentration, rubber latex concentration, indigo and other dyestuffs production, wastewater reuse in pulp and paper making, etc.

Koch Membrane Company's products are known for their stable performance and pollution resistance. Fine separation of strong acid, strong alkali and solvent industrial wastewater - Coriolis products can withstand strong acid, strong alkali and solvent environment, can help enterprises effectively manage the allocation of chemical, water and energy resources, and reduce the cost of environmental protection treatment. Meanwhile, valuable substances such as acid, alkali, solvent and heavy metal are extracted and recovered to save industrial production costs.




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First. 20 Regional Managers (Comprehensive Annual Salary of 200,000+)

Job responsibilities:

1. Market development and sales of RO/NF/UF membrane products;

2. Formulating regional marketing plan and decomposing sales target;

3. Cooperate with agents all over the country to carry out the work and achieve the company's business objectives;

4. Participate directly in and preside over the business and technical exchanges, negotiations and transactions of key customers.

5. Supervise the business of agents and old customers and implement the recovery of money in the region.

6. Controlling the competition among the areas under control, coordinating customer feedback information and site owners.


1. Majors in environmental engineering, water supply and drainage, power plant chemistry, chemical technology, etc.

2 or more years sales experience; bachelor degree or above;

3. Understanding and familiarity with water treatment systems such as reverse osmosis membrane/nanofiltration membrane/ultrafiltration membrane is preferred.

4. Be good at grasping market information and have keen market observation and judgment.

5. Ability to organize and coordinate work independently and to adapt to travel.

Address: No. 29 Qingxiang South Road, Daxing District, Beijing

Second. Pure Water Technical Engineers (Comprehensive Annual Salary of 100,000-200,000)

Job description:

1. It can independently complete the scheme design of desalted water (membrane treatment) system, complete the preliminary design of water treatment project and the design of construction drawings;

2. Ability to follow up projects independently;

3. Be able to independently complete the project design record, construction drawings design, process debugging and other work as the project technical leader.

4. Can reasonably distribute workload and workflow under the minimum guidance condition;

5. Understand other related majors.

6. Familiar with reverse osmosis membrane, nanofiltration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, scale inhibitor for water treatment, cleaning agent, bactericide, flocculant

Terms of service

1. Bachelor degree or above in water supply and drainage or environmental engineering;

More than 2.3 years experience in membrane treatment or water treatment engineering design (experience from design institute or large engineering company is preferred);

3. Ability to operate AUTOCAD skillfully, independently compile bidding technical documents and engineering drawings design;

4. Ability to install and debug independently.

Third. Research and Development Engineer of Water Treatment Chemicals 2 (Comprehensive Annual Salary of 100,000-200,000)

Job responsibilities:

1. Formulate R&D plan, design R&D route, complete the small-scale, pilot-scale and R&D process of reverse osmosis and circulating water pharmaceuticals.

2. Complete all R&D tasks under the guidance of company leaders.

3. Strict working attitude, research and development spirit and team spirit.  

Job requirements:

1. Major in Environmental Engineering, Organic Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Bachelor degree or above.

2. Master the basic technology of organic synthesis and familiar with the structure analysis of organic compounds.

3. Strong ability of literature review at home and abroad.

4. More than 2 years working experience.

Fourth, Network Bidding Optimization Commissioner 2 (Comprehensive Annual Salary 6-200,000)

Job responsibilities:

1. Familiar with Baidu, 360 and other promotion bidding rules, optimize accounts, improve product exposure, customer conversion rate. Reduce promotion funds.

2. Make full use of all kinds of network promotion means to complete the sales and promotion of the company's products, such as Baidu related products, microblog, BBS, SNS, forums, communities, etc.

3. Proficient in network marketing optimization technology and deployment skills, familiar with network marketing means and strategies, improve website traffic and conversion rate;

4. Be responsible for formulating the optimization plan of website's SEO and leading the team to implement it.

5. Monitor website keywords, traffic, competitors and other data and analysis, effectively enhance the weight of the website and search engine ranking;

Conditions of service:

1. Strong divergent thinking, sensitive and fashionable sense of information, good at writing fashionable, effective, readable, reproducible micro-blog, blog.  

2. More than two years working experience in related positions, junior college or above in computer related specialty.

5. Executive Personnel Commissioner: 1 (salary 4000-6000 yuan per month)

Job responsibilities:

1. Assist superiors to establish and improve the human resources system of recruitment, training and performance appraisal.

2. Have good recruitment channels and independently complete recruitment work;

3. Collect relevant personnel policies and regulations, such as labor and employment, establish and maintain personnel files, handle and update labor contracts;

4. Formulate training plan, carry out training for new and old employees, contact external training organizations, and track and feedback the training effect;

5. Responsible for employee wage settlement and annual total wage declaration, handling corresponding social insurance, etc.

6. Receiving company visitors;

7. Other administrative assistant work and other work arranged by the company.


1. College degree or above in human resources or related majors;

2. More than one year experience in human resources, familiar with various recruitment channels and training skills;

3. Familiar with the operation process of human resources management practices, familiar with national labor and personnel regulations and policies, and can be applied in practice;

4. Good professional ethics, steady, careful work, strong sense of responsibility, strong communication and coordination skills, team spirit;

5. Skillful use of related office software.

6. Good image, good communication, strong affinity, elegant speech. Age under 30.

Sixth. One Financial Accountant (salary 4500-8000 yuan per month)

Job responsibilities:

1. Establish accounting books and handle accounts independently according to requirements;

2. Daily financial accounting, compilation of accounting vouchers and various statements, and completion of the sorting out, filing, classification and storage of accounting files;

3. Monthly tax declaration and annual settlement and settlement;

4. Accounting


Delivery mail:koch02@126.com